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Love immersed in me

I am a girl who wishes to be involved in God’s ministry, and spread my story to everyone who is or has been abandoned, bullied, or alienated. It happened in my last year of primary school. I was alienated by classmates when I was twelve years old. It was so humiliating because the people who […]


How To Love

Last night I saw a special about Nick on TLC, and it changed my life forever. I have been dealing with depression for many years now and most of it comes from the fact that I hate myself. I can’t stand the way I am, and the hardest part is that I know I have […]


Saved while drunk

My name is Abraham, I come from the beautiful Faroe Islands. It’s a small country in the North Atlantic Ocean. My story is about how I got radically saved and how God has and is working in my life. I grew up in a Christian home with good parents, but I thought the Christian life […]


My Journey to Ministry

My name is Kev White and I live on the south coast of England. As someone who has had a disability since birth I have been aware of Nick for many years. The inspiration to use all of our challenges for God has had a great impact on me. After many years of trying to […]


Our Super Hero

I would like to tell the story of our beautiful, loving and strong son Harrison. He was born on March 2nd, 2015 without arms and many bones missing in his legs, his intestines and liver were outside of his stomach and he also has acid reflux on top of all the other obstacles. Yet, he […]


Testimony of Usher Syndrome

Usher Syndrome is a genetic disorder causing hearing loss and also Retinitis Pigmentosa which results in a progressive loss of vision and eventual blindness. There are three types of Usher Syndrome, Type I, Type II, and Type III. I was born with Type II. As a child I went to Mary Kihn School and Dominican […]



I was going to lunch one day and endued up in the hospital seven years ago. I semitrailer hit my van illegally, sent me twenty feet in the air, turned me around, gave me brain damage and put me in a wheelchair. After my husband told the doctors that God wanted me to live, and […]


Why are You so good to me?

Howdy! My name is Scott Bankhead. I was born into a pretty stereotypical west Texas home; my mom was a math teacher (she retired last year) and my dad farms (still does and he probably won’t ever quit). I grew up in a fairly picturesque home. I never worried about where the money for my […]


Life Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

What is life? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we have that voice in our head? We all have questions about life, and how we’re supposed to live. What about the people who have a unique difference from other people, like a disability, a talent, a dream? Well they will either […]


Josh’s Graduation

Hi, I’d like to tell you about my friend Joshua. Here at Phillip Island, Australia we have a wonderful young man who is an inspiration to us all. My friend Josh has had epilepsy his entire life. For most of his life he has had between 3 and 8 seizures every night. But somehow the […]


Helping me find my purpose in this beautiful life

Just a couple months ago I was so lost, I didn’t have any hope, faith, or purpose in life. I loved a girl with all my heart but for some reason she left me without an explanation. That terrible feeling gave me so much heartbreak that I wanted to commit suicide. But GOD saved me. […]


Through him who strengthens me

I’m eighteen years old, and my dream is to travel the world spreading the Word of God by inspring people to change and help make this a better world. I am a survivor, I would not be here if it were not for our God above. So much was been taken from me, and so many […]

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  • Nick Vujicic:
    There was a time when Nick experienced a lot of rejection. But failure is not falling down but rather refusing to get up. Learn to...
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  • Nick Vujicic:
    Sharing with you the joy of our family in the excitement and anticipation of Dejan's arrival :) Thanks to our photographer Nicoletta Daskalakis we got...
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