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About admin


God is Gold

Hello, my name is Claudia I’m almost seventeen years old. I began self harming when I was eleven. My faith in God has been a roller coaster. It goes up and down and sometimes I fall off the whole thing. I spent my life wondering, “If God really loves me and sees everything that happens, […]


My happy feet

My name is Brenda and I would like to tell you about my son Abel. He is going to be eight months and is one happy baby. When I found out the sex of my baby at five months I also found out something else, Abel was going to be born with no tibia on […]


A Girl’s Cry

I was born not because I was wanted by those on earth, but because maybe, my mom thought, a second child would help her failing relationship with my workaholic dad. She also had always dreamed of having a number of children, and maybe she thought there might not be another chance. Twenty-two years later found […]

Camera 360

Spiritual Journey

This is my testimony of how my life changed because of God. Having seen one of Nick’s moving videos of a healing seminar, and reading one of his books: Life Without Limits. I was inspired to share my spiritual journey. I am Marianne Faith S. Revita from the Philippines, 26 years old and a registered […]


A Family’s Hope

This is our story right now. While Ralphy (my husband) has been working on the Genesis project, I (Rachael) was in Africa for a few months helping our friends. While I was there volunteering I met a family who really love Jesus. Sadly the husband Wilson was in a very fragile state needing medical intervention. […]


The God Particle

I think I just discovered the true “God particle!” My husband and I watched a video about a man who was missing several limbs. I couldn’t help but compare him with Nick. They both had similar circumstances. Both were admirable and had great determination to overcome, but one had God and the other didn’t. I […]


God is calling me to share my testimony

I am 31 years old, I have three children and a loving wife. Like most people, I know their journey to Christ’s love and grace, wasn’t paved smooth (without hiccups, valleys, mountains and deserts), well neither was mine. Prior to working in my family business and being a productive member of God’s family, I was […]


If God can forgive me, you’re in!

I was baptized in 1971 when I was nine years old. I followed Christ until my teen years when the “world” grabbed a hold of me and I gave in to temptation of “sex, drugs and stupidity”. The stupidity covers a wide variety of things. The funny thing about it, well not funny, but one […]


My Friend Babu

I am writing this story in hopes that even more people can be blessed through my dear friend Babu, as he has a similar story as Nick. Babu lives in Kerala, India and I met him through my wife’s family back in 2006. Babu was born without arms or legs. Because of this handicap, Babu […]


Never Look Back

In 1993 I was born into a family that I would later on in my life ask God, why on earth He gave me the parents He did, why He gave me the siblings He did and why He let me suffer for so many years. After living with my abusive father and being molested […]


My life has purpose, God created me for love.

I am from China. At the age of 27 and 29, I had miscarriages. At the age of 32 I fell into depression. Now at the age f 33 I’m facing the fear of losing my job. Those things seems bad, but I feel grateful to God for all these hardships, because it has caused […]


God’s grace is sufficient

I am thankful that I’ve come across your videos again. I first knew you (not personally) thru my father. He had cancer and has now gone home to heaven. One of our favorite bonding times was to watch preachings, inspirational videos, and praise and worship concerts. I was working in a different city, when I […]

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