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Big Thanks From Me To You

I really don’t know where to start and I might be copying others. But I’ll start off with a little introduction. I’m a 23-year-old girl from the Philippines. I knew you first during one of my retreats back in high school when we watched your DVD (I can’t remember which). Honestly, back then I was […]


My own ‘perfectly imperfect’ child

I just finished reading “Raising The Perfectly Imperfect Child” and also bought it for my son’s PT/ friend, who, with his wife, have adopted four special needs children. When I started reading the book, I was struck by the similarities between what Nick’s parents dealt with, and felt, in raising Nick, and what our family […]


My story

My name is Bianka, I’m 19 years old and live in Slovakia, Europe. I’ve read some of your books, watched your presentations on the internet and have received a lot of strength, thanks to you. As I was reading your books I recognized myself, becouse I experienced a lot of things you have shared. When […]


Strengthened by Nick to serve God and His people

My name is JD Kim, I have a spinal-cord injury at c4 and c5. I am paralyzed from my shoulders down, and live with physical challenges. But I still believe in our good God who died for our sins and will accomplish His plan for His glory. I ask you to take the time to […]


If it was not for His Grace.

I’m a 28 year old woman who was living a gay lifestyle on drug’s. I was a liar, I took things that didn’t belong to me, I didn’t care about myself let alone any body else and I came to a place where I was thinking to end my life. I did all that between […]


Forgiveness Leads to Love

Think back to a time when someone hurt you. Remember how that person’s words or actions made you feel? Remember that feeling in your stomach? Remember the anger? Maybe you are still affected by it today. The Bible says that we are to forgive, no matter how hard it may be. “And when you stand […]


Finding Myself Again

If I had not read Nick’s book “Life Without Limits” I wouldn’t be standing on my own two feet. I am a cancer survivor for over ten years now. Because of my illness, I was limited in sports because of my weak stamina and health issues. Probably because of the chemotherapy when I was six […]



God has blessed me this past week by showing me more of His character and heart. Knowing Him personally has really been the only thing that has mattered, and relieved the doubts and insecurities I had about Him, and my thoughts of misunderstanding. I am far happier in a weeks time than I have been […]


Nothing turned to somthing

Hi I’m Cara, I was rescued from abuse and neglect at the age of two. At six I started getting bullied in school, and by age eleven I was cutting my wrist and stomach. Then on October 2nd 2015 I decided to commit suicide I tried but did not succeed. I tried again on January […]


My 7-year old fought bullies on your behalf.

Nick, I have been a subscriber to your podcast for several months now. A few weeks ago I started playing your podcast in the car while driving my sons to school each morning, I also told them a little bit of your story, including showing them your pictures. My second grader told me that the […]


Hope for the feeling of worthlessness

I started reading Nick’s second book “Unstoppable” and absolutely love it. I actually love the fact that God has blessed me with the love for reading good Christian based faith books, because I can’t tell you how much I really just don’t like to read. I’m a 23 year old massage therapist, living in Fayetteville, […]


Not Alone

Hey Nick! My name is Ryan and I’m a college senior at Rowan University in New Jersey. I have just finished reading your book “Life Without Limits” and wanted to express my graditude for sharing your story of how you were able to take all of the things that many may see as negatives and […]

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