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Author Archives: PJS

Rush of Gratitude

When my son, Kiyoshi, gave me a hug for the first time, I was overwhelmed with emotion. As his little arms wrapped around me, I felt a rush of gratitude towards God. Then, just a few months ago, my wife, Kanae, and I welcomed another son into our family. Seeing Kiyoshi kiss his newborn brother, […]

Break the Silence

When I speak to students at school assemblies, I never forget that nearly 20 percent of these teens suffer the daily pain and ridicule of being bullied. And 17 percent have contemplated suicide—perhaps that very morning before coming to class. And it’s because of your compassion and generosity that I’m able to speak to thousands […]

Stand Strong Ojai

  VIEW PHOTOS   Praise God! Our Stand Strong event in Ojai, CA a couple of weeks ago was a fantastic success!! We had over 600 volunteers, many of whom participated in the community service projects in the area. Students at the school assemblies were captivated by Nick’s talk. The stadium event on Saturday night […]

Stand Strong Against Bullying

“I’m a bully. I turned people against my friend … I ‘victim shamed’ her, harassed her, stalked her… worse, I made her publicly apologize for being molested as a child. I always hated bullies…yet I became the very thing I hate.” — Amy K. This month, millions of students look forward to the start of […]

Stand Strong For Students

Alejandra went to school each day in fear. Classmates regularly taunted her, but one day things escalated out of control. A few students began hitting her, making her nose bleed. But that didn’t end the torment. Before any school administrators could intervene, several students dragged Alejandra onto the football field and beat her with a […]

Stand Strong With Honor

Not long ago, I met Xayvier who shared his story with me … a story shared by thousands of veterans who believe that suicide is the only way out of their pain. Yes, many of our veterans suffer from devastating physical injuries, but far too many are dying from the invisible wounds of war. Maybe […]

Stand Strong Living Life

When you have something to celebrate, why not go BIG? Ten years ago I was a 22-year-old man with a passion for Jesus and a dream to tell the world about the hope in Him. With the help of a few friends and family members and a whole lot of faith, Life Without Limbs was […]

Stand Strong in Love

Dear Friend, There’s no doubt about it. Without the unconditional love of my parents, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. When I was born, my parents had no warning that I’d be different. You can just imagine the shock they felt in that delivery room when I finally arrived after hours of hard […]

Stand Strong in Life

Dear Friend, Have you ever felt like giving up hope? As a man without arms and legs, I certainly have. I used to wonder if anyone would ever love me. I used to wonder who in their right mind would consider marrying a guy like me. There were times when I thought I might never […]

Standing Strong in Christ Alone

Dear Friend, When I met him two years before he died, he couldn’t walk or talk. But he could smile. Philip Toth was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 23. The doctors gave him three months to live, but he actually lived for five years. While his body slowly shut down, he endured torturous […]

Stand Strong With Us

Dear Friend, Don’t you just love a brand new year? It’s the perfect season to set new goals and step confidently into the future. And here at Life Without Limbs, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year! As we get started in this new season of ministry, God’s Word continues to inspire and […]

Precious Gift

Dear Friend, The Christmas season has finally arrived! And I absolutely LOVE this time of year. In our home, we sing Christmas carols, decorate our tree, and cozy up around the fireplace telling stories and playing games. The holidays have always been a festive time for the Vujicic family. But the joy and laughter and […]

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