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Life Without Limbs is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by friends like you who want to reach out to people around the world with the hope found in Jesus Christ.

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It Is Finished


Dear Friend,

Reaching a goal feels good.

My friends who run marathons tell me there’s nothing like crossing over the finish line. It’s rewarding! Like earning a diploma after years of hard work.
Or paying off a debt, celebrating an anniversary, or completing a major project. These are all occasions worth celebrating.

Last year at Life Without Limbs, we set out to accomplish one of the biggest goals we have ever set: to travel to 24 different countries and share the Good News of Jesus Christ through the 2013 World Outreach. And God blessed our efforts BIG TIME! We met with presidents, political leaders and diplomats around the world. I shared my story on TV programs and radio shows in all kinds of languages. We proclaimed a message of hope at intimate gatherings and colossal auditoriums. We watched as over forty thousand people gave their lives to Jesus. AND, over 400 million people heard God’s message through me via television. It was AWESOME!

At Life Without Limbs, we want to celebrate what God accomplished through the World Outreach. And we want you to join us in the satisfaction of finishing that task. It was definitely a group effort! I’m not just talking about our team of people who traveled with me around the globe. I’m talking about YOU! Hundreds of people just like you came alongside us to support this trip prayerfully and financially.

When I think about all we accomplished in 2013, I am amazed. Relieved, too! It feels good to look back and know we accomplished what we set out to do.

But I can’t take the credit. We’re just doing our best to follow in the footsteps of a man who lived two thousand years ago. A man who had the biggest mission of all! Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth, lived a perfect life and died for our sins. As He hung on the cross that Good Friday, He knew He had accomplished what He set out to do. With that victorious thought on His mind, He said three simple words: “It is Finished!”

Because of what Jesus did, you and I have a mission as well! We are commissioned to follow Jesus and obey His command to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19 NIV).

The World Outreach is finished, and it sure feels good. But our work isn’t done yet! We’re committed to fulfilling the Great Commission and sharing the hope of Jesus until He returns! As we move forward, I invite you to take part in a new campaign we’re calling Cover the World with the Love of Jesus. If you haven’t already signed up, here’s how it works. When you commit to giving a monthly donation of $100 or more, you can choose a country you’d like to sponsor. Your gift will go toward the general ministry of Life Without Limbs as we work to reach every country around the world through media outreaches and live events. You can even invite a few of your friends to sign up together! Let us know you’re standing with us as we rejoice in the work we’ve finished and look to what’s ahead.

Hundreds of years ago, Jesus completed a mission that is still changing lives today. His finished work on the cross gives us hope and life and purpose. And His sacrificial act was celebrated through His rising from the grave! This month as you celebrate Easter, may you rejoice in His resurrection and the work He accomplished, completed, and finished for YOU!

In Him, Through Him, For Him,

Nick Vujicic

P.S. We are looking for 196 people to sponsor 196 different countries around the world in the Cover the World with the Love of Jesus campaign. When you sign up, we’ll show our thanks by sending you the Vietnam DVD plus a copy of my book 31 Days to Hope. Sign up today by clicking here or on the donate button below.

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