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Life Without Limbs is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by friends like you who want to reach out to people around the world with the hope found in Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for those who support this work through generous gifts, both large and small.

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Life Without Limbs has been a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) since 2009.

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Stand Strong Florida

This November, we visited the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida to instill hope, love, and resilience in high school teens. We were so excited to share this message with so many students through on-campus events and live streams to other schools. By the time we made it to our second school, we had already been […]

Stand Strong Ohio

Our first day in Ohio was surrounded by a different crowd – with the heart of Ohio’s Amish community. Berlin welcomed us as we spread our message to over 4,500 listeners. We then made our way to speak to many zealous students about our Stand Strong message against bullying. For our final event in Ohio, […]

Stand Strong West Coast

We took the opportunity to spend 12 days speaking to 12 different cities along the West Coast. Our team visited the congregation at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon – the line to get in was out the door! We are so excited to share that about 700 people turned their lives over to the Lord […]

I Heart Ventura County

We began our time in the bright county of Ventura, CA by speaking to the students at Hueneme High School and Ventura High School. There were about 2,000 students gathered to hear our message! Later that day, we went over to Ventura High School, and engaged with 1,800 more energetic students. On the second day […]

Wichita Falls, TX

Our team got the privilege of spreading the message of hope to some more junior high students. We gathered together at the First Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, Texas. Our team then made our way over to Straight Street. This is an organization aimed towards helping at-risk youth learn skills to mature and to find […]

Stand Strong Indiana

We were so excited to hold our six events in Indiana this past September. To be able to reach over 300,000 students in such a short amount of time is truly remarkable. We were able to reach these 280 schools through our live-stream Stand Strong simulcasts. Almost 100 people accepted Christ as their Savior at […]

Love Without Limits (SJ and SD)

We began our Southern California Love Without Limits event in San Jose. There were 300 students who accepted Christ into their lives at Valley Christian School. It’s wonderful to see so many youths receive and understand the message about bullying. Next, we made our way to the Cathedral of Faith where 500 people came forward […]

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