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Return to Colombia.

For the final week of our South America tour, we returned to Colombia and stopped in each of the capitol cities of the Colombian States. It was a whirlwind of a country, with us stopping in each city for one day, and then flying to the next the day after. I had the opportunity to […]

Two Stops in Bolivia.

Our time in Bolivia was split into two different trips – our first stop was in Santa Cruz, and our second time through we were in Cochabamba. Our time in Santa Cruz was brief, with just enough time to do one event in a stadium. With attendees lined down the streets for blocks, waiting to […]

Meeting the President in Uruguay.

After 21 days on the road filled with preaching, meetings, and press conferences, our team finally took a day of rest in Uruguay. This small but beautiful country was the perfect place to recharge our souls and bodies, and prepare for the remainder of our time in South America. The next day we hit the […]

20 Hours in Brazil.

Visiting so many countries in such a brief period means that we often don’t get to spend as much time in some countries as we would like to. This was the case with our time in Brazil. With a red eye flight in, and a red eye flight out, we ended up spending less than […]

Taking Over the Television in Argentina.

Over the course of our time in South America, there were a few countries that just couldn’t get enough of the Good News. So much so, that we ended up coming back to twice. One of these was Argentina. Our first time around, we stopped into Buenos Aires for a day to appear on Susana […]

The People of Paraguay Come to Christ.

Of all of the countries we visited in South America, none had such a consistently huge response to the message of Christ as Paraguay. Our brief time in the growing city of Asuncion was a great reminder of God’s overarching, perfect plan. Having spent far too many days on the road, and speaking in three […]

A Few Days in Peru.

It’s been a crazy, glorious time so far on the South American portion of our World Outreach Tour, and it hasn’t left much time for blogging. We started our time in Lima, the colorful, bustling capital of Peru. We met Miguel, a man with an incredible heart who lost his 6 month-old son nearly 25 […]

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