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The Return to St. Stephen’s.

During my last visit to Hong Kong in 2010 I was fortunate enough to speak at St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School, so of course I had to check in on them and see those brilliant secondary school students again. The school is located on the cliffs of the Stanley Peninsula of Hong Kong Island and […]

Sore Throats in Hong Kong.

Well after our brief day and a half in Macao, we’ve spent the last couple days in what I like to call “my fourth home” – Hong Kong. And as if it wasn’t enough to be able to tour in a city I love so dearly, my little sister Michelle is here with us on […]

The Media Team.

What a whirlwind this trip has been so far! We’ve been through Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and now Macao! God has blessed us immensely in what we’ve been able to do throughout this tour. Relationships are being restored, hope is being discovered, and people are being saved. When going between so many different countries, […]

The Rougher Side of Cambodia.

Yesterday morning while I spoke at at pastor’s conference here in Phnom Penh, some of my media team went out to the Phnom Penh slums to capture a bit more of the surrounding area and document the needs of the Cambodian people. This kind of desperation is the kind that changes you. It sits heavy […]

And on to Cambodia.

Well, today we wrapped up the Vietnam leg of our World Outreach. I was greeted at the airport by an overwhelming goodbye. The love these people have for me, and I for them, just blows me away. I’m honored to have so much support. Le Phuoc Vu, our incredibly awesome host and supporter for our […]

The Event in Ho Chi Minh.

I’ve spoken at quite a few events during our time in Vietnam, especially here in Ho Chi Minh (some of which I’ll hopefully get a chance to blog about later on). But tonight was absolutely the event for the Vietnam leg of our World Outreach. With over 35,000 people packed in the stadium, and millions more watching […]

Fireworks and Rain in Hanoi.

We’ve just returned Ho Chi Minh City after a quick 24 hours in Hanoi, Vietnam, and man do the Vietnamese know how to put on a show! We didn’t even get more than 10 kilometers past the Hanoi airport before realizing that this was indeed something huge. With well over 25,000 people present at My […]

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