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Ministry Updates

Christ is alive!

Imagine walking to the tomb just a few days after experiencing the horror of seeing Jesus crucified. Since He took His final breath, you had cried, broken-hearted and feeling completely alone. You were numb, other than that agonizing pain in your heart.

It was the worst day of your life…  but then our risen Savior appeared and turned it into the best day. You were as miserable as you could ever be – but in an instant, Christ filled you with the most amazing peace and joy.

Christ is alive!

Because of your faithful prayers and gifts to Life Without Limbs, people are still experiencing that Easter joy as they come to know Christ. We take your gifts of $40, $60, $100, or however much God leads you to give and we invest it in finding people who are facing eternity without Christ – and we’re boldly inviting them to surrender to Him.

Jennifer recently wrote to me: “When I showed up at church, my heart was cold, surrounded by a wall to keep everything out. And then I saw you… Everything you said knocked another brick off that wall, until I was sitting there, my defenses down, tears pouring down my face, and I was changed. When I prayed, my chains fell off and I felt free.”

You made sure I was where God needed me to be to tell Jennifer the good news that Christ is alive. Since the beginning of this year, I have shared that same message with nearly 11,000 people – and 725 more people like Jennifer are now following our Savior.

What an awesome opportunity you and I have to spread the glorious truth that Christ is alive! Your gift today will keep me preaching and reaching lost young people, men and women who are desperately seeking something to fill the gaping emptiness in their lives that only Jesus can fill.

I’ll be speaking on Easter Sunday at a special service at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens, an event hosted by Calvary Chapel. This Easter morning service brings several thousand people together at one of the largest Easter church services in the area. Please pray for me – I want God to speak through me and fill me with the exact words He knows people need to hear on Easter morning.

We’re also developing a new curriculum to accompany our DVD that we’ve already sent to more than 1,300 prisons and jails. This DVD is a message that I first gave to prisoners at the Barry Telford State Prison in Texas. The DVD has been broadcast over the TV network in prisons across America and men and women – many at the lowest point of their lives – are hearing the truth that Christ is alive!

There are so many opportunities to share the truth of God’s love and His completely free gift of eternal life. Thank you for giving so generously so I can be your evangelist to a desperate world. Your gift this month is vital to our ministry, and our ministry together is vital to our lost and broken world.

I send you my deepest gratitude this Easter season, and wish you a blessed celebration of that amazing truth – Christ is alive!

In Him, Through Him, For Him,

Nick Vujicic

P.S. As you celebrate Christ’s resurrection, you will be joined by thousands more who now know that Christ is alive because you enabled me to go to them and share the Good News. Thank you for helping lead them to the light of our glorious Savior.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

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