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About admin


The road to God

I have lived a very challenging, yet empowering life. Beginning at my childhood with all forms of abuse. I’ve been disabled in a wheel chair, but walking now. I’ve been in a long eleven year relationship that ended sadly, lost very good jobs and became homeless. I am divorced and raised two young boys, been […]

God Answered My prayer

Hi, my name is Katya. I am disabled, and want to share my story of what God did in my life. I was born in Russia and moved to the United States a long time ago. I lived without documents sixteen years, with no benefits, green card or social security, because I overstayed my visa. […]

I am a living Testimony of God’s Mercy

My name is Gabriel. God brought me into this world 45 years ago. I grew up with the knowledge that God made me especially for Him. I started reading the Bible fluently at the age of four and speaking the Word to large audiences at five. It was awesome and I knew God was going […]

Most amazing experience ever!

Nick, I would just like to thank you for what was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I went to see you in Hilo, Hawaii with my two sons ages 13 and 19. A few weeks prior to your coming to Hawaii, I went to a Wednesday service and Pastor Sheldon was […]

My Son, My Miracle

Middle School was hard for me socially, I compared myself to everyone else and felt ugly. By my sophomore year, I had reached a point where I had contemplated suicide until I was encouraged to join the swim team which to this day I thank God for as I truly believe it saved my life […]


Recently during a difficult day I heard a message from Nick on self worth and our true value. It was a huge dose of much needed encouragement, definitely a word in due time! I’ve been restored and made new through Christ Jesus for many years now, yet I wrestle with the same things over and […]

I need Jesus

Your message “Seek God’s Plan” on the Hour of Power moved me to repentance, and reminded me how much I desperately need an active relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve been searching for hope and happiness my entire life, a foster care survivor, orphan, and jobless after going back to college as a single mom in my […]

our AMC girl chooses to believe in Jesus

Dear Nick, LWL’s Team and All. Warm greetings from Bali, Indonesia! Nick we want to express our heartfelt thank you for being yourself and always spreading God’s love to the world. We would also like to share our little story about our family. We were born and raised in non-Christian family’s. I was a moslem and married […]

Love without hearing

My name is Stephanie. I just finished reading Nick and Kanae’s book, “Love Without Limits”, and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Though I cannot imagine what growing up without limbs must be like, I have to say reading your book has hit a lot of soft spots in my heart. I was […]

THE love of GOD

I’ve been following Nick for many years. Not only have I seen him minister on the internet but also live. It’s through Nick’s love for God, and God’s love for him, that Nick spreads God’s love and care for, and to others. Nick has been such an inspiration for me, and I cannot thank him […]

Lord Change me, to help my loved One’s change too.

My name is David, I am a 57 year old single father of three children, a son 27, daughter 22, and another son, who is 19 and lives with me. We just moved to North Carolina in 2017. My hope and prayer is to change my family’s life of drug addiction. I would like to […]

overcoming with love

I had a normal life, a wife, two kids, and a good job. Then I sinned, committed a crime and lost my job, marriage, home, and my self esteam. Without my faith and the love of Jesus I may have given up. My family gave me a place to live so I could go back […]

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