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Believing the Impossible

Dear Nick,
Thank you so much for being an inspiration to everyone of us especially me. By watching you on recent Oprah Life class, you have reminded me how far you have come with God’s grace and strength. Being a paraplegia myself since the age of 3, I have battled with self acceptance, acceptance from others and heartbroken for situation I cant change. With God’s given faith I have come out of my shell as I have now accepted positively who I am and eagerly to use my life experiences to serve for God’s purposes in my life. Looking back in my life I’m indeed blessed with supportive family who fought for me for my right, friends who look beyond my disabilities and became my closest friends and I have an awesome, fun career of helping others. But as in the Bible, there is a season for everything, there is a season of joy, season of grief, of health, of sickness. Currently i’m battling with a bad case of bedsore which one got when he/she sat on for too long. I have been on bed rest for almost 4 months which sometimes dampen my positivity as I’m someone who loves to go out and be active. However seeing what you said that “Do your best and God will do the rest”, it gives me strength to hang on there and my health will definitely be restored. Thank you Nick for sharing with us all your life values.

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