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World Outreach

Two Stops in Bolivia.

Our time in Bolivia was split into two different trips – our first stop was in Santa Cruz, and our second time through we were in Cochabamba.

Our time in Santa Cruz was brief, with just enough time to do one event in a stadium. With attendees lined down the streets for blocks, waiting to enter the stadium, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. Street vendors, Bolivian barbecue carts, and care-free children were scattered throughout the crowd, further adding to the local feel of the event.

That evening, I was feeling quite sick (this was just previous to our time in Asuncion), but we decided to carry on with the event. Despite my sickness, God was moving.

For awhile, it looked as though it would rain. During the first part of the speaking engagement, our audience stayed dry, but suddenly, the skies opened up and poured for the rest of the night.

Even with the rain and no covering, the crowd’s spirits were high.

It was a very difficult, wet, and trying event for myself and my team, but by the end of the night, the crowd was soaked in rain, and drenched in the Holy Spirit.

When we returned to Bolivia a couple weeks later into our South America leg of the World Outreach Tour, it was to much better weather conditions. The city of Cochabamba greeted us with open arms.

My first event in Cochabamba was speaking to over 2,500 students and young adults.

It’s always so inspiring to me when I am able to speak to young people. I have such a heart for them and I think it’s so key for us to remember that these brilliant faces are the future of the Kingdom.

After speaking to the students, I visited a children’s hospital, where I experienced one of the most heart-wretching moments of the South America section of the tour. I spoke to about 25 kids who with cancer – at least one of which, we were told later, didn’t survive through the end of the week.

We finished our time in Cochabamba by speaking to a crowd of nearly 10,000 people.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the first episode of our World Outreach Tour is available for viewing on our TV channel: LifeWithoutLimbs.tv. Please check it out and share it with your friends.

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