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Changing Obstacles Into Opportunities

Hello Nick, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your TED talk, “Nick Vujicic Overcoming hopelessness”. My name is David and I am a proud husband in a committed marriage of seventeen years, and father of four children. And a devoted church deacon, and military veteran, who’s active in his community mentoring and coaching youth. I’ve recently become a real estate agent. I’m fight back the tears from listening to Nick’s TED Talk, and typing my story. I’ve been under extreme hardship over the past three months, I lost my job due to relocation. So I’m unemployed, with our bank account drained into the negative, plus all our finances are overdue. Our family has struggled to the point we may lose our house, and it’s hard to just keep food on the table. Today, I was moved to my tipping point when I was advised that our finance company was in the final stages of repossessing my car. At the point of desperation I decided to try listening to something positive that may help me in our current situation. I was contemplating ending the pain, thinking to hurt myself, along with suicidal thoughts. But believe, as I was surfing the internet that the Holy Spirit lead me to Nick’s YouTube Video. His message of faith, pressing on while going through discouragement, along with facing the lies we tell ourselves, and words from other people, really made an impression on me. The fact that that Nick was able to make it through, and press on despite not having any limbs, truly made me re-evaluate my faith, and realize my value. Nick’s words about committing suicide and his mindset, helped pull me out of that dark place. Nick is truly right! money can’t heal the soul. As a man, I feel my primary job is to be a provider for my family, and my situation tested me to the point where I thought I failed them. Nick’s message was a God-send that provided light and inspiration, that challenged me to keep pressing on, and to lean on my faith. I will pray that God will provide, and look to Him, while standing guard over my mind, and know I have hope for the future. May God continue to bless and keep you Nick. Since you are able to make it, you are my miracle and I know my situation will change, as long as I hang on to my faith. I am working on knocking down the doors and walls of my mind, and know I can make it, and will give God the glory through this situation. So, I too can be a miracle for someone later on down the road. God bless you, and your Team as you serve in your ministry. I thank God your message was available in my time of need.

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