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God sets me free

I want to declare how the Lord Jesus has helped me through the hard times facing Covid-19. I’m a doctor at a primary health care facility. But, anxiety and fear almost paralyzed my mind, making me like someone who did not know God. I tried to do a variety of things to keep my home and workplace free of the virus, with disinfection, washing my hands, and in leading my colleagues for maximum prevention and control of infection transmission at work. It turned out that God allowed me to experience symptoms similar to Covid (dry cough for ten days and myalgia). I did the first Rapid test for Covid on March 27th, and the result was negative, but ten days later, my second test was unexpectedly positive. I was shocked, scared, and worried. I have children and my parents live with me. I had to isolate myself from my four-year-old son and the rest of the family, which wasn’t  easy. All the news about COVID almost made me depressed. I did a COVID PCR check to confirm my rapid test and had to wait ten days for the results. Because of God’s mercy, my first PCR result was negative. I did a second examination fourteen days afterward, and today May second I received the results. Jesus really has mercy on me, the result is negative! What makes me feel God’s joy even more is His protection over me, not because I can take care of myself with disinfection, but just because He cares about me and my family, the most important thing, He restores my prayer altar! I thought my relationship was fine with God, but through this process God opened my eyes to real intimacy with Him. In my time of isolation, God strengthened me through His heroes of faith, (Caption Rico, Pastor Philip Mantofa, Pastor Nick Vujicic and many other servants of God). I am very grateful for the testimonies of their lives. Indeed, God allowed this situation to happen just to make us know, believe, and live in Truth. Yes, Jesus is God, and He loves us. This life is temporary, but all who believe on Jesus Christ will be processed into eternity, in heaven.

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