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I am a living Testimony of God’s Mercy

My name is Gabriel. God brought me into this world 45 years ago. I grew up with the knowledge that God made me especially for Him. I started reading the Bible fluently at the age of four and speaking the Word to large audiences at five. It was awesome and I knew God was going to use me to change lives and the world. Evangelist Nick Vujicic has been my inspiration. If God could use a man without limbs to carry out His Gospel, He could do a great work in and with me whom has limbs. I would like to share with you how I’ve been severely attacked over the years but God in His mercy has kept me alive. In the year 2000 I boarded a bus after work, before we on the bus could know what was happening we were robbed at gunpoint. When police intervened the robbers took off with seven passengers remaining on the bus including myself. Six passengers were shot and died during a shootout that erupted between police and the robbers. I took on bullets but God being merciful spared my life for a purpose. And on that day I vowed to be for God and Jesus only. I am His and He is mine. My next attack happened at my office in April of 2012. On that day, I and a colleague were preparing to go for fellowship, as I am a member of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. All of a sudden I heard a noise behind me it was a stray bullet that pierced through the window behind my head. The enemy came that day to take my life but God once again in His infinite mercy spared my life. But, the devil did not give up, he came back to hunt me in January 2016 when I was driving to camp for prayers. A long trailer on a high speed road hit my Honda accord from behind which should have caused a fatal accident. Yet, God spared my life and I came through it unharmed. People that rushed to the scene of the accident could not belief their eyes that this guy (me) did not sustain any injury. God is awesome, He is faithful, He is a great God and I love to be part of His commission inspiring others going through difficulties. God saved my life because my life has meaning, our lives have meaning to God. He is there always for us, we just need to see Him by acknowledging that He is there with us, and His finger does marvelous things.

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