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Dear Nick,

My name is Jeremiah. My story is about my car accident until today. I personally want to thank you for all your gracious contributions to the advancement of handicap people in the Christian community. I am about half way through “unstoppable” and I want to say the Lord has truly blessed you with some magnificent qualities and abilities.

My story began on June 10th of 2007. We had just gotten out for summer vacation a few days before. How my life was back then would make anybody jealous. I had a great car, an amazing girlfriend and the funniest friends ever. I had a convertible Mitsubishi Eclipse all decked out with street racing modifications. The story goes like this, it was around midnight when were on our way back from somewhere that I cant remember. We were only a stones throw away from my neighborhood when we stopped at a red light. As were sitting there laughing with the top down, some obnoxious kids pulled up next to us in this huge Escalade. Then they started to rev their engine. I tried to ignore it, my friend in the passenger seat said “Dude race” and I said, “Dude no” sarcastically. As we continued to sit at the light my friend continued to hassle me. A few seconds before the light turned green I said “Fine I’ll do it!” Immediately as it flashed green, I shoved my car into gear and took off like the first drop of a roller coaster. We were in the lead as we neared the bottom of the hill. At the end was an intersection that we had to cross over. The accident would never have happened if the intersection was level. Right as we crossed there was a dip down then back up. This dip caused my car to bottom out. When we sprung back up the back of my car fish tailed. As I tried to correct the car it over swung which made us bounce back and forth. By the time we reached the tree we were still traveling 50 miles per hour. We struck the tree head on, which was thick enough not to get knocked over but thin enough to cut from the front of my car up the center to the stick shift. The sudden stop at that speed nearly cut the car in half. When we slammed short the tree pushed the engine and steering column into my legs crushing my left leg and severing my right leg directly below the knee. During all of this I was conscious for the 20+ minutes it took for the paramedics to arrive. The only thing that kept me conscious the whole time was the searing pain from the hot engine fluids and metal leaking into my wounds. The pain was the worst thing I had ever felt. The only thing that I could think of was how my brother Zack was in the back seat.

I suffered an injury to my right shoulder called a bracheoplxis injury. This occurred when we slammed the tree and my seat belt held my left shoulder in place but my right arm and shoulder lunged forward tearing the nerve cluster called the bracheoplexis, out of my spinal chord. Those nerves control the movement, sensation and feeling of the right side of your body. My right side is now paralyzed. I have had an incredible amount of surgeries to try to fix it. I am regaining little bits of feeling and sensation in my right arm but the nerves need to re grow because the old nerves died when they were torn from my spine.

I had one major surgery that I had to travel to Philadelphia for to visit the Shriner’s Hospital for children. When we were on our way to the hospital in the transport van , the woman who was driving us was incredibly irresponsible. She was talking on her cell phone while we were on the high way. Because she wasn’t watching the road we nearly rear- ended an ambulance. The woman neglected to put a chest strap on me so when she slammed on the brakes the lap strap didn’t hold me in due to lack of legs. As I started to superman out of my chair all I could think about is “ oh nuts, this gonna hurt!.” I launched about four feet forward and fell three feet down straight on my head and neck. To make things even worse, when I hit the floor I still had a lot of momentum so I pretty much became a human toboggan and slid into the bulk head nearly breaking my neck twice in a 2 second time span. So I had to go to the real hospital before I could go to the children’s hospital.

Since my car accident I have one life changing experience after another. People see me and ask me how I deal with it all. I tell them to find something you love so much that you would die for. But instead of a willingness to die they need to find and experience the willingness to live at all costs. Two years after my wreck I grew even more and more depressed and the only relief I got was to sleep 20 hours a day to try to avoid being conscious. It got to the point where I was in so much pain, so much agony and suffering where the sense of duty that I HAD to live started to fade from my thoughts. At this point I had been in bed for over 2 years and I didn’t want to live. So one day I took my switchblade and pressed it to my wrist. As I drew the blade over my wrist not to cut but to just make a mark. All that I could think about was my brother and my dad. I will never forget the sense of guilt I had thinking about doing this to myself. I thought for hours but all of a sudden like a kick in the face I found my self-preservation. I decided then and there that no matter how much I was suffering or pain I was experiencing pledged that I would never put my family through that. They are whom I would die for, but also who I chose to live for.

The time I spent in the hospital was the worst time of my life. About a week after the wreck it took a while for my mind and body to re synchronize. When I finally woke I was in pain. This wasn’t just pain, This pain seemed like it was alive. That it knew what to do to torture me. I was in a pain that was devastating and immense I couldn’t even lift my arm. When I finally realized what had happened I had no clue exactly how hurt I was. I had to re learn how to speak. I had to learn how to speak with a trake. That is a tube they run through your neck to help me breathe. One part that I remember very clearly was about a month into the hospital. I was trying to move my legs. After I saw nothing I asked my brother “ Are my legs gone?” He lowered his head and slowly nodded with tears in his eyes. I was shocked because I could still feel my legs. Phantom pains are when an arm or leg is lost but your mind still thinks its there. Whenever I try to move my legs or right arm it feels as if I am stuck in clay all the way up to about 6 inches from my hip where the amputation are. It feels as if I am trying to walk through a pool of molding clay. I still get sensations like if I stomped my heel really hard on a side walk. Which hurts like crazy.

When I was finally able to come home after 3 awful months in the hospital, I just recently had gained the strength to stay up in my wheel chair for short periods of time. After I had been home for a short time, my re-hab program would send out a PT (physical therapist). The first visit that we had he was stretching my arm and was being to rough. He actually ended up snapping and breaking my arm at the growth plate in my shoulder. I went over a week without realizing that it was broken. It was not until I became very sick that we saw it was broken. I had no feeling in that part of my arm. I grew so sick that I nearly died of a staph infection. I had multiple surgeries to fix it. They even put anti biotic cement into the bone to keep it in place.

I have been through a hell that very few could ever imagine. I have spent the last 5 ½ years alone and in bed. Never before have I ever felt a sadness and pain like this. Fighting to stay alive has granted me a strength and determination that cannot be broken. The time I have had alone with my faith has granted me an understanding of His Word that nobody else could see or understand. People spend so little time in prayer that they will never learn the true glories of the Lord. As for me, all I have had is time. I spend most of the day in prayer. Through this the Lord has spoken to me and has delivered His message in me. He has given me this so that I may go out and be His testimony of love, peace and salvation. People’s hearts are so hardened against listening to something they don’t understand that they will never know the truth because they are unwilling to hear it when it is spoken.

After all that I have been through I thank the Lord for every second of pain and suffering because we have found the perfection in the Lord. I have suffered in ways you can’t even imagine. Some people say “suffering is good for the soul.” Many would say that is crazy but once you have truly suffered in your faith for the Lord. Most people are not fully committed in their love of Christ. They say that they are Christians, but will not fully commit to the glorious light of our Father. They are unwilling to experience what it means to live Christ like. People covet what they have so they will never know what it feels like to live in a full and righteous life by living a truly sinless life as Christ lived.

I have founded my own ministry. The name is “Waking the Son Ministries.” I have formed this ministry because I want to help others on a global scale. Our first program we are offering is called “Crossfire.” I formed this youth group because people will really want to come to it. I thought of an amazing way to teach everyone. It is not a traditional Bible study, it’s done over “Xbox live and Ps3.” We can form big chat rooms so people from all over the world can hear the Word and be saved. We do it over Xbox live and Ps3 because 1. It’s different 2. We can reach a greater number of people and 3. People can choose to play games during the session if they want, because it is fully up to the individual how they want to learn. As the bible studies progress I believe the attention of the members of the youth group will grow closer to the Word and further from the game. We will be able to teach many lessons that will benefit everyone.

Nick, I really want to thank you for hearing my testimony of love and peace. I would love to tell you the rest of my story sometime. My dream is to get into ministry because I love all people and cherish all the glory of God that He has blessed me with. My mission is to teach the true Word of God, not like these generic sermons that simply echo what one pastor has said to another pastor. In order to create a successful sermon the sermon needs to lived before it is taught. People are so busy today that their faith is going to waste because nobody exercise’s their faith in Christ in their own lives. If people just froze and took a second to look around at all the eternal glories that the Lord has blessed them with. People have lost touch with their spiritual life. They need true guidance so that may truly grow in the Holy Spirit. I know that I have the ability to gather and teach. I have brought many to Christ and I have also saved people from suicide because they have heard my testimony. Please help me to achieve my dream. Thank you my friend. I would love to talk on the phone or something.

Thank you my friend. I would love to hear back. Thank you.

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