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Life Without Limbs is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by friends like you who want to reach out to people around the world with the hope found in Jesus Christ.

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Dear Friend,

From my earliest days, I have learned to rely on friends and family to help me. Without arms and legs, even the smallest gestures of kindness are well received … like pushing my coffee cup toward me so I can reach the straw. And sometimes I need someone to buckle a seatbelt or drive me to an appointment.

But lately I’ve needed specialized expertise from a person that’s hard to find: a professional interpreter. When I’m in a foreign country telling an audience
where my hope comes from, I don’t want anything about the Gospel to get lost in the translation!

As I write this letter to you, we are preparing to depart for the next portion of the multi-country 2013 World Outreach. In just a matter of weeks, I will board another airplane and will travel to South America where thousands are ready to hear about the hope of Jesus. I will need a good interpreter. My wife is fluent in Spanish, but I am hardly proficient in her language. And I don’t know a single word of Portuguese and will require lots of help from a talented Brazilian translator.

On a few occasions while speaking in countries hostile toward religious freedoms, I have worked with translators who were reticent to repeat my comments in their language. I would say something about Jesus and they would look over at me and hesitate. At first, I thought … maybe they don’t understand my Australian accent! But I later realized they feared talking about Jesus because of the retribution they might suffer from the authorities.

So, you ask, what’s your point, Nick? Well, just as I need a good interpreter, I need to be a good interpreter for God! God has sent me to be His translator, His ambassador, around the world. When those opportunities arise, I am determined to speak boldly and clearly on His behalf. I refuse to veil, disguise or misinterpret the truth of the Gospel!

God wants you to be His translator, His interpreter, His ambassador, too. “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 5:20 NIV) And when you give a donation to Life Without Limbs, you are lending your voice to the 2013 World Outreach. We need more men and women just like you who share our passion for Jesus and want to tell the world about Him.

Not all translator work takes place on foreign soil. I am called to be God’s ambassador at home, as well. And next year, we will embark on another phase of
our ministry called Love Without Limits. I heard a pastor say: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That’s why our program, Love Without Limits, demonstrates how much we care by descending on a city with acts of service.

When Love Without Limits enters a city, we have four goals:

#1 Serve. We serve the community with generous expressions of care.
#2 Connect. We connect with the local government and public schools.
#3 Unite. We unite the local churches by providing service projects to actively work together side-by-side.
#4 Reach. We reach the community with an open public meeting where I share the love of Jesus.

I wanted to give you a brief glimpse of what is upcoming in 2014 so you can anticipate hearing more about Love Without Limits in the days and months ahead.

Would you join me in these bold and unprecedented efforts to become a devoted ambassador for Jesus Christ? Our ministry operates on faith. We have no large cash reserves tucked away in the bank to carry us through. We rely entirely on the generosity of people like you who share our vision for reaching the world.

Thank you for helping me bring hope for hurting hearts around the world!

Nick Vujicic

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