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I’ve found my purpose in life.

Hi Nick,

I am a teenager here. Well, I am 17 years old. And I didn’t really live a good life before. Even though I was born in a Christian family, all I knew was that God was my Savior. Since I was small,  I’ve been going through a lot of troubles,  life changing things and also I have a broken family where my mom, well, I don’t really know where she is. I don’t get much attention from my father or other people since I was little. And I’ve even went into depression when I was 8 because of my mom, well all I can say is that she was just suddenly lost from my sight and she is  gone till now. I got rejected, felt lonely, ashamed and the thing I hated the most was being judged by the others who don’t even know my situation. I’ve tried to end my life but a voice said to me. Are you ready to give up on everything? Are you ready to let the people who love you get hurt, feel guilty? I stopped and thought. Well, there is no answer of course. Then a mailed package arrived. It was a package of your book, ‘A Life Without Limbs’.

I opened it and read it. And it was amazing how you can survive even without a perfect body parts. You love, cherish your life and you want others to do so too. You spoke about how God helped you to find your purpose. I searched for you on Google and from then on I felt that I am so stupid for being short-minded. From then on I started to search for my life purpose. And I went to the church pastor and asked for help. He told me how to overcome the problem with prayer and also there are more and more people talking to me. I took my first steps out it was because I found my purpose in life through you. Nick it was you who make me realize how important life is to me. To save other lives. Right now I am not ashamed that I am a daughter of God nor feel hurt because in my life right now there is a best friend of mine named GOD and JESUS helped me to lift my burden.

Thanks Nick for teaching me about the Purpose Of Live. And through Him I can do anything, everything because He is the one who strengthens me. Amen

Fuyushita Aoi

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