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Ministry Updates

Ministry Update


What’s your favorite food? The thing you think about when you are really hungry? If you and I were to sit down together at a restaurant for fellowship and food, you’d quickly find out that I like pretty much anything to eat! But what I really crave is sushi and Mexican food.

Even though food is something we need to survive, I’m sure you agree that only one food truly matters – the Bread of Life. And as your brother in Christ, I am so grateful that I can represent you as I share my story – but most importantly, as I tell the life-changing story of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation.

I love the passage in the Bible when Jesus is confronted by a group of people asking Him to give them a sign that would convince them that He really was the Messiah. He replied to them, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6:35).

But they refused to accept such a simple solution for finding peace with God. They wanted to have a checklist of what they should do so they’d know when they had done enough to please God.

As your missionary to those who are lost and hurting, I often see people struggling to do enough to please God. It is such a joy to tell them that everything that needs to be done – is complete! Jesus has already paid the price for our sin.

I am so grateful, that you have allowed me to be your voice to people desperately looking for something to take away their emptiness. Your faithful and generous gifts are what make this ministry possible. Thank you for being willing to be used by God through me.

Last month, God opened doors for me to speak to thousands of people in Hungary, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Ukraine. But these trips aren’t about another stamp in my passport. They are about making sure that no one who comes in contact with me leaves uncertain about what is the only way of salvation – accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

As I shared the message of the hope that only comes from Christ, many more were welcomed into the family of God. Thank you for making sure I could go out as your missionary and share the Gospel and the hope that God does know our struggles and He cares.

So here’s my commitment to you, your gift today will be used to tell others about Christ. I will take every opportunity to spread the Good News that Jesus is the Bread of Life! If you turn to Him, you will never again experience spiritual hunger.

Thank you for asking God how you can respond today. Whatever you can give — $25, $50, $100 or more will be invested in a hungry world, desperate to find the Bread of Life. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for your prayers for this ministry. I am so blessed that I can count on you as my ministry partner.

In Him, Through Him, For Him,

Nick Vujicic


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