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our AMC girl chooses to believe in Jesus

Dear Nick, LWL’s Team and All. Warm greetings from Bali, Indonesia! Nick we want to express our heartfelt thank you for being yourself and always spreading God’s love to the world. We would also like to share our little story about our family. We were born and raised in non-Christian family’s. I was a moslem and married with a Hindu Balinese, we’ve lived as Hindu followers up until now. We are blessed to have Wulan as our one and only child that God has entrusted to us. Wulan was born on August 1st, 2005, with a special condition called “Anthrogyposis Multiplex Congenita” or curved joints. She’s gone through four plus surgeries in her life and has always used a wheel chair. Since she was born, lots of our Christian friends came to pray for Walan and encourage us to take good care of her, telling us how precious she is. While many Balinese Hindu family members told us that Wulan has brought sin on our ancestors and that God has punished us. Wuhan has grown with a big heart and is able to see people in positive ways. We choose Catholic and Christian schools for her education, because we knew she would be treated better in those schools. Currently she is in seventh grade at one of the Christian based schools in Bali. Officially we are still a Hindu family but we can see clearly that Wulan has chosen to follow Jesus more and more, each and every day. She has the ability to touch other people’s hearts in her writings, and every time she speaks in front of an audience. She has started to write a diary to express her feelings and her love for Jesus. Knowing her strength and her love for Jesus, we want to share her diary and learn how best to guide, encourage and lift her up to be herself and spread her love of God to the world. Our biggest dream is to see her confidently speak in front of people, write and tell the world that she is special, that God loves her very much, and that she is grateful for all that she has and all that she is.


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