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Recently during a difficult day I heard a message from Nick on self worth and our true value. It was a huge dose of much needed encouragement, definitely a word in due time! I’ve been restored and made new through Christ Jesus for many years now, yet I wrestle with the same things over and over! After a divorce, I returned to school as a single mother of six kids. As an art major I had been asked to draw during a United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) telethon. I sat there drawing and thought, even though I was chosen to represent the college I felt completely unworthy, not good enough! I often felt that my worth was attached to performance and yet I felt nothing I did was ever good enough. This feeling flowed into most areas of my life.
Then God spoke to my heart as I looked at these individuals around me who had cerebral palsy. They cannot physically do the things I can do, but they don’t have to earn love, they have great value and worth, they are a precious treasure and not because they earned it! So then that means I too have value in just who I am! Handicaps can be on the inside not just the outside, especially when we believe lies! This year I have remarried, it’s a beautiful love story, one of hope and restoration, my last name now is even Love!
My husband often tells me, “Just Be!” Yet in the midst of this happiness questioning value and self-worth still tries to encroach upon me! Life has its challenges, as it always will! But I’m so thankful I came across Nick’s message. I’ve always found him encouraging and that day he talked about our value and worth being found in who we are…not it in what we do! The same thought that God dropped in my heart years ago!
Christ now empowers me to do what He has called me to do! Not because of my works but because of His work through me!
Thank you for being a willing and obedient vessel of the Lord!
I will pass on the encouragement as the very things we struggle with are often what we need to share with others!

Tell us how these encouraging words have given you hope and inspiration!
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